The cockpit for
your business operations

You can rely on the dashboard to provide you with all the necessary information about your daily operations. Pending tasks, current portal publications or system warnings – the dashboard will provide an overview of it all. A continuous feed provides information on marketing activities over the last 24 hours.

  • Entire portfolio at a glance
  • Notification of duplicate addresses
  • Verification of validity of post-specific data
  • All publications at a glance
  • Newsfeed with latest info about CASAONE

All properties
in one place

Record property-related basic details, add a media gallery, create marketing documentation or generate property listings. CASAONE helps you manage individual buildings or a whole real estate project. Various interfaces ensure your data is always up to date. When you want to know how much your properties are worth, you can use the software to perform a hedonic market evaluation.

  • Manage properties, sites and projects
  • Create marketing documentation with just a click
  • Export address labels and lists in Excel format
  • Set up individual filters

One click
and you’re on the web

You have registered your property and it’s ready to market: with CASAONE, you can get it on to practically every Swiss property portal and your website. You can specify which property data should appear on which portal. The useful publication-preview function shows which data has actually been transferred. You can book promotional opportunities on property portals direct via CASAONE without additional logins to any other portals.

  • Practically all portals served
  • Free iFrame for your website
  • Book prominent portal positions using the software
  • Free entry on

Who, how, what,
when, where

Contact management offers you full, centralised CRM functionality for management of interested parties, clients, contracting bodies or business contacts. Correlate contacts, companies and properties, and assign them to individual categories. For each contact, you can enter search profiles or options to be considered – such as property type, category, asking price and postcode. Thus, your properties will not be missed by any interested parties.

  • Assign several search profiles per contact
  • Specify individual filters and categories
  • Export contact lists as Excel files


Find exactly
what you’re looking for

Our matching function works in the background with the search profiles you entered for your contacts. This means properties will be matched with contacts. And you will get a much quicker idea of what might suit whom. So that you have an overview of the number of interested parties per property, all properties are clearly listed with their corresponding matches. Then, with just a click of the mouse, you can contact all those parties.

  • Automated contact and property matching
  • Clear presentation
  • Message matched contacts directly

Your personal

All marketing activities to do with a property and contact are logged and documented. Just as in a diary, you can list all activities chronologically and keep track of what has been performed for which contact and property. The logbook enables real estate agencies to clearly log and list all work carried out for the property owner.

  • Specify separate activity types
  • Generate activities automatically
  • Export activities as a PDF or Excel file

Say it

Questions come in, answers go out. CASAONE ensures that communication relating to your property is secure. All enquiries received via portals are processed automatically and assigned to the corresponding property. All communication is set out in the form of a chronological timeline, so you know exactly who has written what and when. Thanks to IMAP and POP3 protocols, you can connect to your personal mailbox with CASAONE.

  • Process portal enquiries automatically
  • Create new contacts from enquiries
  • Set up individual mail templates
  • Assign electronic signatures

Make decisions
based on facts

Over the course of the property mediation process, a great deal of information is compiled: from portal enquiries, emails, phone calls, viewings and so on. Reporting is a strategic tool, in that all accumulated information relating to a particular date or period is pulled together and summarised. Thus, you have an overview and a basis on which to make decisions related to future marketing activities.

Good organisation
in your daily business

This function helps you manage appointments and reminders, and is a useful addition to other task and calendar management functions, such as those in MS Office. The reliable calendar displays appointments and birthdays, and presents activities in the form of a monthly, weekly or daily view.

So what makes
it a fair price?

Unlimited storage

Unlimited users

Unlimited properties

pricing model

Starter Pro
Dashboard Dashboard Dashboard
Property and project management Property and project management Property and project management
Property publicity Property publicity Property publicity
Free iFrame for your website Free iFrame for your website Free iFrame for your website
Contact management Contact management
Matching Matching
Email Email
Activities Activities
Reporting Reporting
Tasks and calendar Tasks and calendar
PDF export function (flyers, synopses, property listings, etc.) PDF export function (flyers, synopses, property listings, etc.)
Activation fee Activation fee None Activation fee CHF 2'000.00
Cost per month Cost per month Free Cost per month CHF 250.00